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EDX Education is here!

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The Cotton Cloud Water Bottles

Prepare your child for a day of learning and exploration with our meticulously crafted Kids' Insulated Bottles.
Specially designed to cater to the needs of school-going youngsters!
These bottles combine unparalleled functionality with captivating aesthetics, making them an essential accessory for every student.
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The Neutral Thread

The Neutral Thread Muslin Minis and Blankets are a must-have for every nursery.
They offer unparalleled softness and a luxurious look with beautiful designs to match.
Hand-crafted with attention to detail - these blankets and minis are safe for your little one and a perfect choice for any parent looking to give their child the best product for their skin.
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Eeboo Puzzles

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Ali + Oli

Introducing Ali + Oli Silicone Puzzles! The most environmentally conscious, educationally rewarding kids’ puzzles crafted with exquisite care. Sustainably crafted with all-natural, completely safe materials. Ali + Oli offers your little one the highest quality playtime experience!

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