Collection: Qtoys

Qtoys is a Melbourne-based, Australian-owned company renowned for its 15+ years of eco-friendly design and manufacturing. Qtoys provides educational toys, teaching equipment, and children's furniture to customers around the world, from the USA and UK to Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, and the Philippines.
We believe that children’s mental and physical development should also happen outside of school in a fun, enjoyable way. That’s why our products are designed in a way which allows kids to acquire skills and knowledge in a fun way. Our toys are designed to cover a wide spectrum from motor skills, color recognition  to logical thinking and  practical life skills. We are a strong believer in the importance of  the reasoning and critical thinking and  a self-learning attitude in this modern world full of uncertainty. Our toys also promote environmental awareness for young minds as it connects them to the nature and can provoke a curiosity of all things natural and beautiful.